TheraGun Pro Review

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the TheraGun Pro, a state-of-the-art percussion therapy device designed to optimize muscle recovery and alleviate muscle soreness. In this article, we will delve into the features, benefits, and effectiveness of the TheraGun Pro. Whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance your training or an individual seeking relief from everyday muscle tension, this TheraGun Pro review will provide you with valuable insights.

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Dr. Jason Wersland, a chiropractor, invented the first TheraGun in 2008 after experiencing a life-altering injury. This groundbreaking device was born out of his personal journey towards recovery and pain relief. Over the years, Therabody has expanded its product line to include a range of percussive devices, accessories, topical treatments and the Therabody app. The TheraGun Pro represents the company’s professional-grade offering, equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for enhanced functionality.

Impressive Deep Muscle Massager

TheraGun Pro features six interchangeable head attachments, providing versatility for various massage techniques. It offers five speed settings, with a maximum of 2400 PPM (percussions per minute). While this may not be the highest among its competitors, Therabody distinguishes its gun by its impressive 16mm amplitude, enabling it to penetrate muscles 60% deeper than other massage devices.

TheraGun Pro

The TheraGun Pro by Therabody is the ultimate choice for professional use. With its powerful motor and advanced features, this massage gun provides deep muscle treatment and targeted percussive therapy. It offers customizable speed settings, multiple attachment options, and a long battery life, making it suitable for extended use during therapy sessions or in a professional setting.


  • Advanced percussion therapy for deep tissue relief and faster recovery.
  • Customizable speed range via the Therabody App for personalized massage experience.
  • Ergonomic design with a patented handle for comfortable usage.
  • Long battery life for uninterrupted sessions.


  • High price point.
  • Relatively heavier size and weight.
  • Limited availability in some regions.
4.6 out of 5

Quality & Performance: 4.7

Features &Functionality: 4.6

Value for Money: 4.4

User Satisfaction: 4.6


“The TheraGun Pro is a game-changer in the world of percussion therapy. As a professional athlete, I rely on it to recover faster and perform at my best. Its powerful performance and customizable features make it an essential tool in my training routine.” – John Smith, Professional Athlete

TheraGun Pro : Size & Visual Appeal of the Product.


Sleek Design Massage Gun Comes with Cool Package

The TheraGun Pro comes in an Eco-friendly cardboard box, showcasing its premium quality and attention to detail. Inside the box, you’ll find a sleek, gray carry case adorned with discreet TheraGun branding. The case is specifically designed to protect the valuable contents during transit.

Within the case, the massage gun is securely held in a molded frame. Below the case, you’ll discover a battery charger and a zippered case containing the various head attachments.

Opening the case reveals a mesh compartment in the lid, providing convenient space for the user manual and an extra rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This ensures you have ample charge when you’re on the go or traveling. The case offers sufficient room to store the zippered case of head attachments and the charger for hassle-free transport.

Triangular Design

Weighing in at 3lbs, the TheraGun Pro is the heaviest massage gun we tested. Its design distinguishes itself from the typical hairdryer-shaped devices we’ve evaluated. The gun features a unique hollow triangular design, allowing users to grip the device in multiple ways while reducing strain on the forearms during use.

OLED screen

Adding to its aesthetic appeal, an OLED screen displays essential information such as speed, force, battery life, and Bluetooth connectivity. A striking electric blue disc provides a tasteful touch of color to the TheraGun Pro. Overall, the design exudes a sleek and upscale appearance, although the device may be slightly bulkier compared to other massage guns.

6 Head Attachments

The TheraGun Pro comes with six head attachments to cater to different muscle groups and treatment needs. The head attachments can be easily pulled on and off, providing versatility and convenience during use. Powering on the gun and switching between speeds is a straightforward process, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The Theragun Pro comes with six head attachments
  • Standard ball: For overall use on large and small muscle groups.
  • Thumb: Designed for trigger points and lower back.
  • Cone: Ideal for pinpoint muscle treatment, targeting hands and feet.
  • Wedge: Specifically designed for IT bands and shoulder blades.
  • Dampener: Ideal for delicate or bony regions
  • Supersoft: Designed for sensitive or tender areas

With the combined power of two batteries, the TheraGun Pro offers approximately five hours of usage without the need for recharging. Although we couldn’t extensively test this feature, we found that the massage gun charged quickly and delivered excellent performance during our one-hour massage sessions.

TheraGun Pro Review : Functionality

5 Built-In Speeds

The TheraGun Pro offers users five speed settings, ranging from a gentle 1750 PPM to a powerful 2400 PPM. You can manually select the speed setting that feels most comfortable to you or using Therabody App to help you adjust the speed. Impressively, the stall force of this gun reaches 60lbs, surpassing any other gun we tested. We applied significant force to our calf muscles, and the motor never stalled, showcasing its exceptional power.

It Comes with Therabody App

The real gem of the TheraGun Pro is the Therabody app. Simply download the Therabody app (iOS or Android), create an account, and connect your device. Within seconds, a vast library of routines, videos, and programs becomes available to you. Whether you’re a first-time user or seeking specific treatments for ailments like plantar fasciitis, the app offers comprehensive guides to assist you.

You can also sync the app with your health and activity apps, such as Strava or Google Fit, allowing the Therabody app to tailor routines based on your fitness activities.

We tried several routines, including the 7-minute Work From Home routine. The app provides useful graphics, indicating the appropriate amount of force to apply, the direction to move the TheraGun Pro, and when to switch your grip. However, we found the grip instructions slightly confusing, so it’s often best to rely on what feels most comfortable for you.

During the routines, the massage gun seamlessly powers on and off at the right times, automatically adjusting its speed. The routines also incorporate dedicated time for muscle stretching, adding a thoughtful touch to the overall experience.

TheraGun Pro Review: Performance

Speed Settings

As part of our rigorous testing process for massage guns, we conducted decibel level measurements to assess the noise produced by the Theragun Pro across its five speed settings:

  • Level 1: 1750 PPM
  • Level 2: 1900 PPM
  • Level 3: 2100 PPM
  • Level 4: 2200 PPM
  • Level 5: 2400 PPM

Noise Levels

Using the dampener attachment at Level 1, we measured the TheraGun Pro at approximately 70 decibels. At Level 3, the decibel level increased to around 73, and at Level 5, it reached approximately 75 decibels. It’s important to note that even at its lowest setting, the TheraGun Pro’s noise levels are comparable to those of a washing machine or dishwasher. Therefore, it may not be the most discreet option for use in quiet office spaces or gyms. In fact, among all the massage guns we tested, the TheraGun Pro proved to be the loudest when used at home.

It’s worth mentioning that the noise produced by the Theragun Pro is a trade-off for its powerful performance and deep tissue relief capabilities. However, TheraGun PRO 5th Gen has been fully redesigned with a proprietary second-generation EQ-150 motor that’s 20% quieter, so you still get all of the power with none of the sounds.

TheraGun Pro Review: What Makes it Stand Out

One standout feature of the TheraGun Pro is the Therabody app, which offers valuable guidance on applying the right amount of pressure. Through a pressure meter, the app encourages users to stay within the “optimal” range, a unique capability that sets it apart from other massage guns we tested. Whether you’re new to massage guns or an experienced user looking to refine your technique, the app’s guidance proves incredibly useful.

Additionally, the TheraGun Pro includes closed-cell foam attachments that provide a softer feel compared to the molded head attachments commonly found with other massage guns. Despite their gentler touch, these attachments still deliver an effective massage experience. Notably, the Supersoft attachment stands out for its exceptional performance on sensitive areas. It serves as an excellent option for individuals new to massage guns or those recovering from sports-related injuries.

TheraGun Pro: User Reviews

THERAGUN PRO Amazon review

The TheraGun Pro has received an impressive average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon, with 81% of users awarding it the highest rating of five stars. Users highly appreciate its ability to rejuvenate tired muscles and enhance overall fitness levels.

They also praise the device’s quality, design, and the game-changing connected app. However, some negative reviews mention issues like grease residue, unsatisfactory customer service, and the device’s loudness during operation. Some users also find it too heavy and bulky for extended use.

TheraGun Pro: 4th Generation and 5th Generation

When it comes to percussion therapy devices, the Theragun Pro series is renowned for its ability to provide deep muscle treatment and pain relief. The Pro line which includes the 4th and 5th generations. Both the Theragun Pro 4th and 5th Generations offer powerful percussion therapy devices with advanced features.

While the Pro 4th Generation includes an OLED screen for convenient monitoring, the Pro 5th Generation takes it a step further with Smart Percussive Therapy and app integration, allowing for personalized treatment routines. Additionally, the Pro 5th Generation features advanced sound insulation technology for a quieter experience.

Whether you choose the 4th or 5th Generation, you can expect effective muscle treatment, improved circulation and reduced tension.

TheraGun Pro Gen 4 vs Gen 5 Review: A Comprehensive Comparison

Best Choice

Theragun Pro 4th Generations

Best Value

Theragun Pro 5th Generations


The TheraGun Pro has proven to be a top-rated percussion therapy device that offers exceptional muscle recovery and relief. With its advanced features, such as customizable speed settings, intelligent force adjustment, and the user-friendly Therabody app, it provides a personalized and effective massage experience.

Users have praised its ability to rejuvenate tired muscles and improve overall fitness levels. While there have been some concerns about issues like grease residue and the device’s weight, the majority of users have been highly satisfied with its performance. Overall, the TheraGun Pro stands out as a reliable and high-quality choice for individuals seeking effective muscle relief and recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the TheraGun Pro compare to other massage guns in terms of its deep tissue and muscle soreness relief capabilities?

The TheraGun Pro surpasses other massage guns with its deep tissue and muscle soreness relief capabilities. Its high-performance motor and unique design allow for 60% deeper penetration into muscles, providing effective pain relief and enhanced recovery.

What are the unique features of the TheraGun Pro’s design that set it apart from other massage guns on the market?

The TheraGun Pro stands out with its sleek and ergonomic design. Its triangular handle reduces strain on the wrists and arms, allowing for flexible positioning. The movable attachment arm and easy-to-use controls further enhance the user experience, making it a top choice among massage guns.

How does the TheraGun Pro utilize Bluetooth connectivity to enhance the massage experience?

With Bluetooth connectivity, the TheraGun Pro can be connected to the Therabody App, offering a range of benefits. Users can control speed settings, access a library of routines and videos, and even personalize their massage experience based on their fitness activities. Bluetooth connectivity adds convenience and customization to the TheraGun Pro.

How does the TheraGun Pro’s customizable speed range and connection to the Therabody App via Bluetooth personalize the massage experience for individual needs?

The TheraGun Pro allows users to customize the speed range according to their preferences. By connecting to the Therabody App via Bluetooth, users gain access to additional features, including personalized speed settings and routines tailored to their specific needs. This personalization ensures an optimal and individualized massage experience.

What is the significance of the Therabody app and how does it enhance the functionality of the TheraGun Pro?

The Therabody app is a valuable companion to the Theragun Pro, offering a wide range of features. Users can access instructional videos, routines, and programs that cater to different needs and goals. The app’s integration with health and activity apps allows for personalized routines based on individual fitness activities, maximizing the benefits of using the Theragun Pro.

What makes the TheraGun Pro particularly suitable for individuals who are new to massage guns or those with sports-related injuries?

The TheraGun Pro’s user-friendly design and Therabody app make it accessible and beneficial for beginners. The app provides guidance on proper technique and offers routines designed for specific ailments like sports-related injuries. Additionally, the closed-cell foam attachments offer a softer massage experience, making it suitable for individuals with sensitivity or those new to massage guns.

How does the TheraGun Pro’s battery life contribute to its convenience and usability?

The TheraGun Pro boasts an extended battery life, allowing for up to five hours of continuous use on a single charge. This eliminates the need for frequent recharging, making it convenient for longer massage sessions or when on the go. The extended battery life ensures uninterrupted muscle recovery and enhances the overall usability of the device.

Is the TheraGun Pro suitable for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts?

Yes, the TheraGun Pro is designed to meet the needs of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. With its powerful performance, customizable speed settings, and deep tissue relief capabilities, it offers effective muscle recovery and alleviation of muscle soreness. Its professional-grade features and durability make it an ideal choice for those seeking optimal performance and recovery support.

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